Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS)

The LOTIS Committee puts TheCityUK’s members view forward on international trade and investment issues, particularly removing barriers to financial and related professional services business in international markets.

Trade and investment policy is a field ideally suited to TheCityUK’s cross-sectoral representative role. From beginnings over 30 years ago, the LOTIS Committee has become a recognised centre of expertise. It works by conducting a dialogue with governments and multilateral organisations, backed by detailed policy papers.  

Post-crisis, the dialogue is increasingly broadening to cover regulatory barriers and also new 'twenty-first century' trade barriers.

The LOTIS Committee comprises representatives of UK financial and related professional services businesses. Meeting roughly quarterly, the Committee’s essential activity covers areas including:

  • Business-driven priorities for trade and investment liberalisation;
  • Advising government and the EU Commission on new issues to be tackled in negotiations;
  • Responding to requests for detail on trade and investment barriers to be overcome;
  • Commenting on positions taken in negotiations, and advising on acceptable outcomes;
  • Briefing on trade and investment agreements, once concluded;
  • Generally maintaining the case for the liberalisation agenda and giving it profile.

As well as quarterly meetings in London, the Committee holds special meetings for guest and makes occasional visits abroad to Geneva to meet the WTO or to Brussels.

In recent years the Committee has been deeply engaged in the EU’s 'Global Europe' and 'Trade for All' initiatives, focusing the EU’s bilateral trade and investment negotiations with chosen partners (e.g. Korea, India, Canada, Japan and the ASEAN countries). Most recently it has also been active on the EU-US negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations. The Committee is a centre of expertise for all of these, and submitted comprehensive recommendations to the Commission before the publication of the Commission’s 'Trade for All' communication on Trade and Investment Policy in October 2015.

For more information about the work of the Liberalisation of Trade in Services Committee please contact us.