International Work Programme

Financial and related professional services is the UK’s biggest exporting industry, generating a trade surplus of £71.9bn in 2015 – a key contributor to mitigating the nation’s trade deficit. TheCityUK works to maintain and improve international competitiveness for the UK by supporting market opportunities for its members, including through an extensive programme of work on trade and investment policy.

We support inter-governmental initiatives around financial and related professional services and have a strong dialogue with regulators, governments and industry bodies internationally. We have been engaged in recent World Trade Organisation negotiations, the Trade in Services Agreement and are a leading contributor to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and global regulatory coherence.

Our international strategic objectives include:

  • Positioning the UK as the best place for inward investment and the partner of choice for financial and related professional services
  • Delivering high impact policy and campaign messages around our key themes, research and work groups
  • Pursuing market access to new and established international markets for financial and related professional services
  • Proposing frameworks, models and solutions for trade and investment policy discussions
  • Running trade delegations to support our trade and investment objectives
  • Supporting inbound and outbound delegations for The Lord Mayor of The City of London

Global Regulatory Coherence:

International 2

Regulatory divergence and non-tariff barriers significantly impact global trade and investment in financial and related professional services. TheCityUK is actively working to achieve regulatory coherence between our international trading

partners to address the risks posed by divergence. The work that we have done in this field can be seen through the leading position we have taken on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.

Trade and Investment Policy:

Through the LOTIS (Liberalisation of Trade in Services) Committee TheCityUK works to promote favourable trade policy for the industry. We regularly engage with the most senior policymakers and regulators within the international community.

We influence international policymakers through our international Market Advisory Groups, which are detailed below:


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