Our Mission

TheCityUK champions the ​UK-based Financial and Related Professional Services industry to ensure it stays globally competitive, generating jobs and growth.

TheCityUK’s programme of work has three main areas of activity:

  1. Work to demonstrate the national value of financial and related professional services, how it supports the wider economy by promoting jobs and growth and how it serves the needs of the customers, communities and businesses throughout the UK. TheCityUK promotes a respected and sustainable financial and related professional services industry, which is well regulated and able to support its clients and society.
  2. Work to sustain and enhance the UK’s position in the EU by influencing the reform and policy agenda of the European Parliament, Commission and Council. We work to ensure that, at the EU level, our industry is best placed to address the key issues facing European policymakers, including Europe’s demographic challenge and the financing of interest. We do this by promoting our industry’s role in capital markets, international trade and investment, SME financing, infrastructure investment, long-term finance, the savings culture and management of risk.
  3. Work to ensure the UK is globally successful and competitive by enabling our members to shape the issues at the highest level of business and government, supporting inter-governmental dialogues, market access and liberalisation and trade and investment policy.

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