TheCityUK values

Our values define our organisation, how we operate, and what we strive to achieve. Quite simply, they are the essence of our collective identity and help our team to embrace a shared purpose and vision.

We have five core values. These underpin what we stand for, how we approach our work and how we treat one another. They are:

  • Rigour: We’re thorough in every aspect of our work, paying attention to detail while always being focused on our objectives. We constantly seek opportunities to improve what we do and how we do it. We’re dedicated to our work and see every task through to completion.
  • Impact: We recognise the impact of what we do and demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of the topics and issues that inform it. We’re ambitious for our organisation, our members, and the industry, doing all we can to deliver success. We’re also accountable for our behavior and the quality of our work.
  • Agility: We adjust quickly to new demands and changing circumstances. We demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for our organisation and our activity. We’re resourceful, committed and focused on the right outcomes.
  • Respect: We are open, honest and straight forward. We mean what we say, and do what we say we will. We are accepting of our mistakes and seek to learn from them. We share lessons and never seek to ‘pass the buck’.
  • Teamwork: We collaborate well, sharing ideas and information with colleagues and work as one team. We inspire, challenge and assist each other to learn. We are completely engaged in our work and recognise the role we each play in creating an enjoyable and successful place to work.

For more information about our values please contact us.