Covid-19 update

Our priority at this unprecedented time is the wellbeing and safety of our staff, our members and stakeholders and we will continue to support them through this extraordinary period.

Since the outset of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been closely following advice from UK government and have implemented the measures it has recommended businesses adopt.

Our response

Our focus is on immediate-term issues and also the strategic challenge facing the industry and the wider economy over the medium-to-longer term. Those factors are relevant both to the success and competitiveness of this industry, but also to its ability to support the UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery and those communities that have been most affected.

In the immediate term we are supporting the work of our members and the sectoral trade associations in addressing urgent ecosystem-level issues and managing the impact on customers and society. We have begun work to identify how to manage the rapidly emerging issue regarding the recapitalisation of businesses across the economy post Covid-19. We are also providing a forum for industry leaders and leading stakeholders to engage and discuss critical issues.

Given the global impact of Covid-19, we have been making the case for a coordinated international economic response to the pandemic with international audiences, directly and via third parties, and through engagement with counterparts across Europe.

Over the longer term, we are focused on this industry’s role in supporting the nation’s economic recovery. Given its significance as a key contributor to the UK economy and overall economic growth, the financial and related professional services industry will play a pivotal role in the supporting communities and businesses get back on their feet post pandemic.

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