Membership survey

Each year we survey our members to check that we’re continuing to focus on the most important issues and delivering the impact they expect. Due to the onset of Covid-19, we pushed back our 2020 survey to the end of last year at which point we ran a shorter ‘pulse’ version online, conducted independently by market research firm Kantar.

Against the challenging backdrop, we were very pleased to see another strong set of results, with our effectiveness and favourability ratings increasing on the previous year to 90% and 91% respectively.

“TheCityUK looks outside of London, works for a broad range of members and is thinking ahead about what the future of finance looks like from a service, resilience and physical location standpoint.”

TheCityUK member

Although any emerging trends are indicative rather than definitive given the change in methodology of this survey (online instead of telephone), members also continued to rate highly our ability to positively influence regulatory and policy issues (88%), our significant contribution to debates concerning the industry (91%), and effectiveness at engaging with key media to advance the debate on key issues (83%). More than eight in 10 members also said we were effective at engaging and influencing policymakers and stakeholders to create opportunities for the industry in international markets and 84% said we were effective at working to support and promote the industry across the regions and nations of the UK.

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Our communications continue to be well regarded, with 84% of members saying they would recommend our materials to peers or colleagues and 90% saying that they clearly demonstrate the work we carry out in particular areas.

Given the significant shift in the way we have all been doing business over the past year, it was positive to note that 86% of members were satisfied with the way we’ve adapted our programme of activities into virtual forums. Similarly, it was good to note that just over eight in 10 were satisfied with the way we have engaged with them and their firm during the pandemic, 83% said our activities and priorities were aligned with their own and 88% felt that we had a strong relationship with their organisation.

9 in 10 2 v2

Following the introduction of our new strategy at the beginning of last year, we were keen to sense check members’ perspectives on its focus and progress made. Almost nine in 10 said we were focused in the right areas and three quarters saying that we were making good progress on this agenda. Of our six main priorities, long-term competitiveness, trust and reputation and sustainability were among those rated as highest priority.

“It has great convening power and is a voice heard by No 10 and relevant departments.”

TheCityUK member

The survey is also useful in indicating areas for us to enhance or improve over the coming year. We will seek to ensure members have more clarity around progress made through our closer working relationship with the City of London Corporation and our ongoing collaboration with the major sector trade associations.

We are hugely grateful to members for their continued support and contribution to our work and look forward to continuing to work collaboratively over the coming year.

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