TheCityUK represents the UK-based financial and related professional services industry. We lobby on its behalf, producing evidence of its importance to the wider national economy. At home in the UK, in the EU and internationally, we seek to influence policy to drive competitiveness, creating jobs and lasting economic growth.

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  • UK Legal Services 2015 Report

    TheCityUK's latest UK Legal Services 2015 Report. It showcases the importance of legal services and dispute resolution to the UK economy and illustrates the UK’s strong position internationally.

  • London Employment Survey

    The latest survey shows that the financial and related professional services industry has continued its strong recovery, with employment in London hitting a record high of 709,500 in December 2014.

  • EU Reform: A view from TheCityUK

    This report gathers evidence on the value of the UK’s membership of the EU, to set-out how the EU could become more globally competitive, and to create a reform agenda.

  • China Free Trade Zones Discussion Papers

    Eleven papers have been written by firms in the International Experts Consultation Group at the request of Chinese policy-makers and analyse different aspects of the working of free trade zones.

  • Britain's place in Europe: developing policies for a reformed and competitive EU

    TheCityUK’s policy conference, provided an opportunity to discuss research TheCityUK has undertaken on the UK in the EU over the last year & also to move forward the debate on the EU reform agenda.

  • Analysing the case for EU membership report launch video

    The launch event of our two reports show that leaving the EU poses significant risks to the UK's future, undermining economic well-being & the ability of business to grow and compete in world markets.

  • Analysing the case for EU membership - How does the economic evidence stack up?

    The new economic report lays out how economies foster growth and create jobs and answers the questions “what really drives growth and does EU membership matter ?”

  • A legal assessment of the UK's relationship with the EU - A financial services perspective

    The legal research commissioned from global law firm Clifford Chance has reviewed in depth the legal implications of eight different EU relationship scenarios

Financial services UK

Financial services UK
The UK is the world's leading global financial services centre and the most internationally focused marketplace in the world. A number of UK regions contribute to the success of the sector.

Geographical markets

Geographical markets
We work across the world to promote the quality and breadth of services offered by the UK financial and professional services and to help remove barriers to overseas markets.


FSTIB brings together Government and Industry as represented by TheCityUK to strengthen the competitiveness of the industry and to help UK based firms secure access to markets around the world.

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