International Work Programme

TheCityUK’s international work programme is focused on maintaining and improving the UK’s global competitiveness.

The UK-based financial and related professional services industry is the country’s biggest net exporter. In 2017 the industry generated a trade surplus of $107bn. It is a key contributor to mitigating the nation’s overall trade deficit. TheCityUK’s extensive international work programme covers trade and investment policy, market initiatives and bilateral dialogues. We are a leading contributor to global regulatory coherence discussions and we influence governments, regulators, and industry bodies across the world.

Priorities of our international work programme

- Pursuing greater access to new and established international markets for our members and the wider industry.
- Delivering high-impact policy and campaign messages around our key themes, research and working groups.
- Proposing frameworks, models and solutions for trade and investment policy discussions.
- Running policy roundtables to support our trade and investment objectives and to increase dialogue between members and visiting overseas policymakers.
- Working with counterpart organisations around the world on key shared issues and objectives.
- Positioning the UK as the partner of choice for inward investment for financial and related professional services.

TheCityUK trade and investment and market groups
Through our Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS) Committee we guide the industry’s objectives for trade and investment policy. We engage and influence the most senior policymakers and regulators within the international community through our international Market Advisory Groups.

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