Long term competitiveness

We work to ensure the UK remains an attractive place to invest and do business, which is essential to the industry’s long-term competitiveness.


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"TheCityUK is on the ball when it comes to industry strategies and has focused objectives" TheCityUK member

With the support of our long-term competitiveness group, we influence the policy environment and evolution of regulatory frameworks to drive UK competitiveness by:

  • delivering policy positions in relation to long-term competitiveness issues
  • influencing the future shape of the UK’s regulatory, legal and tax regimes and the approach of its regulatory and supervisory authorities, including the evolution of the frameworks affecting business as it adapts to technological, environmental and social change
  • promoting the importance of the UK jurisdictions, English common law and the UK position in dispute resolution as a foundation of the UK’s attractiveness for business
  • highlighting the needs for new talent, skills and diversity in the industry and supporting the relevant work of the Financial Services Skills Commission
  • driving related professional services as a key underpinning of the industry’s success
  • working with partners across the industry to address issues such as operational resilience, AI and data, which have implications for the entire ecosystem.

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