Our governance

We are committed to high standards of corporate governance.

While we are a private limited company limited by guarantee, our Board intends to comply with the main provisions of the Combined Code as far as reasonably practicable having regard to the size of the organisation. Given the importance to members of corporate governance disclosure it has also developed a set of disclosures it feels are consistent with the size and constitution of the Board. These will continue to be developed over time.

Our main governance bodies are the Board and the Leadership Council. Since inception, these have been led by some of the most senior and respected industry leaders.

Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council is our most senior and influential member forum. It convenes the senior leadership from across the industry, including chairs, CEOs and managing partners and is the place where senior government ministers, regulators, ambassadors and other leading stakeholders come to address and engage with the industry and share insights. The Leadership Council works closely with our Board and its members lead on major pieces of work and senior engagement with government and senior stakeholders.

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Our Board comprises senior leaders from across the various sectors of the industry. It sets and oversees our strategy, ensures the effective delivery of our work and is accountable to our members for good governance in its management of the affairs of the company.

We also have a number of senior member-led committees that task and oversee our activity and programmes of work. These cover our priority themes, markets and sectors.

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To learn more about the matters reserved for the Board’s attention and Board committees, please see our Board Charter. Other information about the Board, including Board performance appraisal, Board independence and the re-election of Directors can be found in our latest annual report and accounts.