Our partners

We are proud to support, partner with and champion the below initiatives which help to raise awareness of and promote fairness, equality, inclusion and diversity and key life skills.

Women in Finance Charter

We are proud to be a signatory to the Women in Finance Charter and supportive of the government’s goal to achieve gender balance at all levels across an organisation. We are committed to support fairness, equality, inclusion and diversity across the industry and within our own organisation.

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The Social Mobility Pledge

We are a Social Mobility Pledge accredited employer. We have committed to provide coaching, mentoring and structured work experience to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances. We will also ensure that our recruitment practices promote a level playing field for people from disadvantaged background or circumstances.

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All Stars London

We proudly supports All Stars London – an organisation inspired by the revolutionary performance-based approach to community development pioneered by the All Stars Project Inc. Performance isn’t just for actors, rappers, dancers or singers: it’s something that everyone is doing all the time – in schools, jobs, families and communities. When people meet for the first time or take on an unfamiliar and challenging role, they summon up the confidence to perform. Learning to ‘perform our lives’ can open up new possibilities for people of all ages.

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Race at Work Charter

We are proud to be a signatory of the Race at Work Charter and have committed to improving racial equality in our workplace against the five charter principles.

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Menopause Workplace Pledge

We have signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge to support our employees going through this transition. Menopause isn’t often talked about at work but it’s where people can find their symptoms most difficult to manage. By making workplaces supportive when it comes to the menopause, we can help employees' wellbeing, ensure an inclusive workforce and increase productivity.

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