Membership of TheCityUK offers firms the opportunity to progress their business priorities and ensure their voice is heard at all levels of government and across the industry.

We have engagement at the most senior level of firms, from all sectors of the financial and related professional services industry, including banking, insurance, asset management, legal services, advisory, market infrastructure, private equity and wealth management. Our Board and Advisory Council are chaired by leading industry figures: John McFarlane and Paul Manduca respectively; as are our various groups and committees.

We are proud to be the organisation that truly brings the industry together. Our senior forums, in particular our Advisory Council, are where senior government ministers, policymakers and key stakeholders from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world come to engage with and address the wider industry. This, together with our extensive programme of events, unparalleled connectivity and respected evidence-based research means we’re able to offer members the opportunity to get valuable insight and influence, and shape relevant policies that affect the business environment.

The insight we provide and the influence we enable is aided by our engagement with policy making at its earliest stages; our networks across the most senior levels of industry, policymakers and relevant stakeholder groups, individuals; and our authoritative evidence-based report and analysis. We also have in place a team of dedicated account managers to ensure members benefit from the wide range of activity available.

We work hard to ensure that our members sit at the centre of everything we do. We are privileged to have such high levels of engagement from right across the industry.

We ensure members benefit from the wide range of activity available and get maximum value from membership through our proactive and strategic account management and – critically – by continuing to deliver on their priorities for their firms and the wider industry.

For more information contact our Member Insight Team.  

Membership survey 

TheCityUK member survey 2017 showed that our influence and impact remains highly regarded and that members are seeing the value and benefit of membership.

Nine in ten said that TheCityUK makes a significant contribution to sector-relevant debates and that we have a positive influence on relevant policy and regulatory issues. Seven in ten members (68%) said we were a strong voice leading the debate on key industry issues in the media – an increase of 11 points from our last survey in 2015. Three-quarters of our Advisory Council members also hold this opinion. A large majority also consider our work to be distinctive and believe we fill a unique role – complementing, rather than working in competition with other bodies. Over 90% said they would recommend materials we produce to peers or colleagues and seven in ten said that the information we provide cannot be found elsewhere.

Brexit negotiations were unsurprisingly noted as being very important by nearly all members surveyed. It was therefore encouraging that eight in ten (78%) members and nine in ten (88%) Advisory Council members said that we are making a useful contribution to Brexit related discussions with key stakeholders. This will remain a key priority over the coming months and years and is where most members want to see us commit a considerable amount of our time and resources.

Our strong relationship with members helps ensure we are able to continue to provide the best possible support and representation in the areas in which they are most focused.

For more information read our Annual Report and Accounts 2016-2017: Where the industry comes together: Annual reports and accounts 2016-2017.