US Market Advisory Group and North America

TheCityUK’s relationship with North American markets, policymakers and member firms is an essential one.

US Market Advisory Group (MAG)

TheCityUK’s US MAG works to set the strategic priorities of the UK-based financial and related professional services industry’s engagement with the United States. The US MAG is supported by a Technical Working Group whose workstreams seek to further the agenda set out by the MAG.

Priorities of the US MAG

- Explores opportunities for trade and investment for our members in the US.
- Works to achieve regulatory coherence with the US, input industry priorities into existing UK-US government regulatory dialogues, and foster the wider UK-US relationship.
- Promotes the UK as the leading international financial centre and seeks to grow opportunities for infrastructure investment.

We have considerable experience with the US market and US policymakers. Our Chairman, CEO, senior staff and members make regular visits to the US to discuss our industry’s interests and policy priorities and engage with wider stakeholders. We also work closely with our International Trade and Investment Group, Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS) Committee, Legal Services Group and Infrastructure & Energy Group on shared areas of interest


We develop relationships with senior Canadian decision-makers, regulators and business stakeholders to further members’ interests in Canada. Sectoral interests continue to focus on infrastructure and energy as well as the highly advanced public-private partnership markets in most Canadian provinces. We have a partnership with the Toronto Financial Services Alliance which represents the second largest financial centre in North America.

Mexico is covered by the TheCityUK’s Latin America Market Advisory Group.

For more information about our US Market Advisory Group please contact us.