International Trade & Investment Group

TheCityUK’s International Trade and Investment Group (ITIG) identifies opportunities for two-way trade and investment between the UK and overseas regulatory and tax sectors. It oversees all of our internationally focused work.

We identify where UK-based financial and related professional services firms can take a leading role and maximise emerging, overseas opportunities. We also highlight potential barriers to trade and investment. We lead on the global B20 task forces for Trade, Infrastructure and Investment, and Financing Growth.
Our members are drawn from across the industry.

Priorities of the ITIG are:

- Providing oversight, advice and input on all our international strategy, priorities and activities.
- Providing the industry’s input to the Financial Services Trade and Investment Board (FSTIB).
- Annually reviewing the activities of each of our Market and Sectoral Advisory Groups.

Recent activities

- Sharing our strategy, perspectives and common practices with our Market and Sectoral Advisory Groups.
- Moving the focus of the B20 task forces to adopt a greater financial services focus in their language and approach.

For more information about the work of the ITIG, please contact us.