Public Affairs Group

TheCityUK’s Public Affairs Group (PAG) brings together our senior members with experts in government relations, public policy and public affairs to discuss the development and implementation of our strategy.

Our PAG is responsible for driving our engagement with policymakers and politicians across the UK and the EU.

Priorities of the PAG

- Working to highlight the role of the UK-based financial and professional services industry in driving economic growth in the UK and the EU.
- Sustaining and advancing the UK’s role as the financial centre of Europe, following the country’s decision to leave the EU.
- Highlighting the role of the industry in creating jobs and growth in the UK.
- Meeting the needs of customers of financial and related professional services (businesses and consumers).
- Delivering the best possible Brexit outcome for our industry.
- Driving economic development across the nations, regions and cities of the UK.
- Making the UK globally competitive through tax policy, regulations and ensuring it has the right skills.

Our work focuses on engagement in four key areas

- UK regions and nations
- Westminster
- Brussels
- EU Member States.

Across all of these areas we organise bilateral meetings, roundtables, seminars and conferences to leverage original research and thought leadership with campaigns integrated across public affairs and public relations. We also seek to engage policymakers and relevant stakeholders about the value of the industry to local and national economies.

Regional and national strategy

City Chairs
In the UK, we’ve enhanced our regional and national strategy and have appointed City Chairs across some of the most prominent centres of financial excellence, including Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester. Our City Chairs will be advocate for our work and the industry within their respective cities and regions or nations and help ensure a better understanding of and support for the challenges and opportunities facing our members right across the country. For more information visit TheCityUK City Chairs page.

National Conference
Each year we hold a conference in one of the country’s key financial centres of excellence. In 2018 our National Conference will be held in Birmingham. It brings together policymakers and senior representatives from across the UK-based industry, politics and academia and provides an opportunity to explore the role and contribution of the industry in enabling growth across the UK. A variety of key policy issues, including skills, talent and infrastructure are typically discussed. For further information visit the National Conference page.

In Westminster we hold a series of roundtables throughout the year, in addition to our party conference activity, to engage with politicians, ministers and senior policymakers.

Brussels and EU Member States

We have an active programme of work across Europe. As part of this we are undertaking a series of visits to all EU Member States to engage in dialogue with individual policymakers and stakeholders from the wider financial and related professional services industry. These trips inform our ongoing Brexit Policy Programme.

For more information about the work of the Public Affairs Group please contact us.