Public Affairs Group

Our Public Affairs Group (PAG) brings together senior leaders in government relations, public affairs and communications, drawn from our membership and representing a diversity of sectors, to develop and implement a programme of work aligned to our strategic objective on trust and reputation.

In addition to our PAG’s responsibility for this strategic objective, it oversees the work and direction of our internal public affairs programme, including our engagement with the devolved administrations of the UK’s regions and nations and in Westminster.

Our PAG also provides a forum for members to meet with relevant experts and policymakers to discuss key challenges facing the industry.

Priorities of the PAG:

  • working to highlight the role of the UK-based financial and professional services industry in driving economic growth
  • making clear the role and contribution of the industry in creating jobs and driving growth across the whole of the UK
  • promoting the industry’s role in supporting economic recovery post pandemic
  • monitoring and influencing prospective financial services legislation and other relevant parliamentary activity.

For more information about the work of the Public Affairs Group please contact us.