Tech and Innovation Group

Our Technology and Innovation Group focuses on ensuring UK policies in technology and innovation promote a competitive environment driving growth in the financial and related professional services industry.

Members are experts in technology and innovation policy, bringing togethers seniors from across industry to influence the policy environment and evolution of regulatory frameworks to ensure the UK is positioned at the forefront of technology and innovation policy.

Priorities of the Technology and Innovation Group:

  • Informing and advancing policy development in technology and innovation, including a demonstrable contribution to proposals implemented by the UK government and regulators.
  • Demonstrating policy formed by evidence-driven research that promotes a knowledge-led dialogue maintaining a range of platforms to convey messaging.
  • Encouraging the maintenance of a regulatory framework that enables and encourages new innovations and technology in order that the UK remains an internationally attractive and competitive environment for financial and related professional services firms.
  • Ensuring the diversity of the UK based financial and related professional services sectors are reflected in TheCityUK policy positions and outputs are of a cross-sectoral nature.
  • Ensuring the work of the Group helps to deliver the overall strategy of TheCityUK.

For more information about the work of the Technology and Innovation Group please contact us.