US Market Advisory Group and North America

Our US MAG is a cross-sectoral, senior practitioner body representing some of the largest financial institutions in the world with a presence in both the UK and USA. It provides thought-leadership and strategic direction for our policy and activity relating to UK-US financial and related professional services. It engages with government, regulators and industry at the highest levels in both the UK and US, to support and develop the ‘golden corridor’ of transatlantic financial services. It provides an umbrella for driving key projects that have the potential to create new and lasting opportunities for developing dialogue and business between the UK and US.

The US Technical Working Group

The US MAG is supported by the US Technical Working Group (USTWG) which is a senior level group of public and regulatory affairs specialists from the largest financial and professional services firms with an active presence in both the UK and the USA. It engages frequently with government and regulators in the both countries on a more granular level, shaping the development of new policies and supporting ongoing collaboration between industry and government, to meet the strategic objectives set by the USMAG and to support UK-US regulatory cooperation.  

Priorities of the US MAG:

  • Improved market access and interoperability of UK-US financial and related professional services regulatory frameworks. This will be achieved through engagement with the UK-US Financial Regulatory Working Group (FRWG) and direct advocacy with key decision makers in both markets.
  • Delivering enhanced market access and increased exports and investment through input into UK-US trade dialogues, such as free trade agreement negotiations, highlighting the crucial role of financial services and influencing debates on wider trade issues of importance to our members.
  • Driving further US investment into the UK through ongoing C-suite business engagements and supporting the UK Government’s investment attraction efforts.
  • Achieving global outcomes on data, climate and financial services trade by cooperating with the US in plurilateral and multilateral spheres to  advocate against protectionism, and push for improved market access and greater regulatory coherence and interoperability. 

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We represent member interest in policy and regulatory debates, including UK-Canada free trade agreement negotiations and other regulatory dialogues.  

We have a partnership with the Toronto Finance International which represents one of the largest financial centres in North America. The partnership facilitates the exchange of information on relevant industry trends and provides further opportunities to explore future trade and investment opportunities for UK-based financial and professional services firms in Canada.