UK Work Programme

TheCityUK works to improve the business environment for financial and related professional services firms across the nations and regions of the UK, promoting the value of the industry to the wider economy.

Our industry employs more than 2.3 million people – two thirds of whom are based outside London - and generate nearly 10% of the country’s Gross Value Added (GVA), more than any other industry.

The UK is the leading international financial services centre and Europe’s financial capital.

Our industry supports people when they’re buying a home, starting a business, saving for the future, preparing for retirement, or helps them to protect against taking unnecessary financial risks. We also facilitate trade and commerce, in fact, nine out of ten UK households are estimated to have at least one insurance product.

Our UK Focus

To reflect the scale of the industry right across the country, we have an active programme of engagement in key nations and regions. We’ve appointed a number of City Chairs in many of the country’s key financial hubs to further promote and champion the industry and our work. These include; Bristol, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. For more information on this visit our Drive national growth page.

Priorities of the UK work programme

- Maintaining the status of London and the UK as the leading international financial and related professional services centre.
- Ensuring the industry continues to attract and retain the best talent from across the world and has a strong pipeline of home-grown talent.
- Embracing innovation and disruption by scaling-up and diversifying the UK’s strength in Fintech.
- Enhancing cyber resilience.
- Promoting a competitive and stable tax environment.
- Planning for and responding to changes in regulation and supervision to enable the industry to remain competitive and allow economic growth.
- Promoting the wealth of expertise of infrastructure investment in the UK-based financial and related professional services industry.
- Strengthening and expanding products and services.

As with all areas of our work, our UK-focused activity is underpinned by evidence-based research that helps to shape the debate, supported by ongoing and constructive engagement with senior policymakers and stakeholders.

For more information about the contribution of the industry to the UK economy please see our UK Interactive Map, or for further information on our UK work programme please contact us.