London Conference on Global Impacts of CBDCs

We are pleased to support the Global Policy Institute and the Digital Pound Foundation’s CBDC Conference, taking place in London on 24 April.

The conference will look at the implications for the international financial system, including for cross-border financial transfers and the domestic implications of CBDCs. The aim of the conference is to allow senior business executives and other senior players to launch a major international discussion of the global implications of CBDCs and their monetary and economic impacts.

Speakers include:

Nicholas Butt, Bank of England

Francesca Hopwood Road, Bank of International Settlements

Nick Kerigan, SWIFT

Rhiannon Butterfield, UK Finance

Michael Mainelli, Senior Alderman, Corporation of London

Alla Gancz, Ernst and Young

Tao Sun, IMF

Catherine Gu, Visa


10 Upper Bank Street, London, E14 5JJ