Women in Finance Summit 2023

We are delighted to be a partner of City & Financial Global’s Women in Finance Summit 2023, which will take place in central London on the 5 July 2023.

We are delighted to be a partner of City & Financial Global’s Women in Finance Summit 2023, where our members are entitled to a 30% discount on bookings with the code: WIF7TCU

This in-person conference will provide valuable insights and address important themes, including the progress made by the financial services industry in advancing gender balance and ethnic diversity over the past year. It will also explore recruitment, retention, and inclusion initiatives, featuring thoughts and insights from senior professionals and government representatives.

Key themes being discussed:

  • Redesigning work: Flexible working and hybrid environment are here to stay. How can we ensure that women and men working flexibly are able to progress their careers? Financial services industry in the age of the gig economy - are WoMen, couples & companies adapting (or not) to the future of work?
  • AI & gender. AI & generations. Embedding past “isms” into our future?
  • Male leaders on the future of men. The corporate role in crafting balanced cultures. What role models are there for men? Getting men engaged and leading gender balance.
  • Update on the Women in Finance Charter. Practical recommendations to help businesses accelerate their progress towards gender balance.
  • Learning to succeed in the Longevity Society: Almost 40% of the UK population is over 50. What does longevity and life’s “4 Quarters” mean for women’s careers – and dual career couples?
  • Gender & generational balance. Talent shortages, recruitment and widening the talent lens. Corporate focus on Q2, integrating the New Q3 and 60-year careers
  • How far and how fast has the financial services industry been progressing on gender balance and ethnic diversity in the last year? Creating recruitment, retention, and development initiatives with a view towards ethnic diversity and inclusion
  • Moving beyond WFH debate – what does it feel like to be a female leader amid the financial crisis, the current geopolitical situation and the post-Brexit environment? Building the next generation of women leaders, reversing the loss of female talent & rebalancing recruitment processes

To book your place, view the agenda and list of confirmed speakers, please visit here.

TheCityUK members can use the following code to claim a 30% discount when booking: WIF7TCU

America Square Conference Centre

1 America Square 17 Crosswall London, EC3N 2LB