Industry Partners

Trade associations, chartered bodies and other related not for profit organisations are a critical component of the UK-based financial and related professional services ecosystem.

We work to complement – not duplicate – activity, and augment your voice in the delivery of our work on behalf of the wider industry. Members can attend and gain insight from our forums, newsletters and set piece events, as well as network with peers across the industry. Our Industry Partners participate in our cross-sectoral regulatory and technical working groups, relevant workstreams, select market or sectorial advisory groups and associated activity.

Industry Partners’ membership benefits:

  • Join select technical and regulatory working groups and market or sectoral groups, e.g. IRSG Experts and Engagement Group, IRSG workstreams, ASEAN, Islamic Finance, Eurasia, Turkey, Financial Services Dialogue (excl. AGFSD).
  • Invitations to our set piece events - Annual Dinner, Annual Conference, National Conference, Summer Reception.
  • Monthly newsletters, member briefings, industry reports and papers on key issues.
  • Stakeholder and cross-sectoral networking.
  • Proactive account management to ensure full breadth of membership.

Please note attendance at events is subject to capacity.

To enquire about membership, please fill out this contact form.