Membership levels


Platinum members drive the most critical areas of our work, providing senior counsel and strategic guidance. Members at this level lead our most high-profile projects and chair our most senior groups. They also enjoy priority access to host and attend our most senior events and activities with high profile stakeholders and senior ministers from across the world. At this tier, members are at the heart of our strategy and its implementation, and ensure we continue to pursue the right goals on behalf of the wider membership and industry.


Gold members engage across the breadth of our work, setting and leading the delivery of industry-wide strategy, influencing policy and accessing insight from influential policymakers, stakeholders and other business leaders. This tier is the entry level for membership of TheCityUK Advisory Council and engagement at Chair, C-suite, Senior Partner-level. It also offers members the opportunity to chair our most senior groups and committees and attend our most high-profile delegations and events.


Silver members engage across a range of areas to help develop and influence policy and access insight from policymakers and other key stakeholders. This tier enables members to influence sectoral and market strategy and opens up the opportunity to join some of our C-suite peer networks with leaders from across the industry. Members can join one of our senior committees and select market/sectoral groups, attend business delegations and roundtable events, as well as all set piece TheCityUK events.


Bronze membership allows organisations to focus on technical and select sectoral or market issues. Members can attend and gain insight from our forums, policymaker roundtables and set piece events as well as network with peers across the industry. Within this tier, organisations can participate in our regulatory and technical working groups, workstreams, select market or sectoral advisory groups and associated activity.

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