A return to international travel essential to economic recovery, says TheCityUK

12 May 2021

The B7 meeting of business leaders have issued a statement calling for a clear pathway to a rapid establishment of travel international travel corridors.

Adding his support, Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, said, 

As the world seeks to recover from the global pandemic, restarting international travel must be seen as a priority, not a luxury. “During this crisis, businesses have done remarkably well in keeping relationships alive, and productivity high, but they have been relying on past links and relationships that were forged in person. “A return to travel must be safe and measured, with restrictions remaining on high-risk countries, but air links re-established where the risks of variants is low. The UK’s vaccination success story should now allow us to push on with rebuilding the businesses, jobs and livelihoods that have been hit so hard by our forced isolation.