A time to show some Pride

Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, blogs about the industry's support for Pride.

CityUK Pride Logo1

The 2018 LGBT+ Pride month will reach a crescendo this week with an expected record-attendance at Pride in London festival this weekend. With that in mind, now is a good opportunity to reflect on Pride and why TheCityUK and many others across our industry are supporters.

Barclays is once again the headline sponsor for Pride in London, with PwC and law firm CMS among the other high level sponsors. Across the financial and related professional services industry, many firms are actively engaged with Pride, supporting it internally through various initiatives as well as related activities and events externally.

In our own business we are doing a number of things to show our support. These range from inviting in a guest speaker talk about their experience of being gay and working in the industry, to providing relevant training, ‘Priding’ our logo and holding what I’m sure will be a hotly contested ‘Pride Bake Off’.

While these are small gestures, I hope that they send the important message that whoever you are you are welcome to work with us.

Our industry has earned a reputation for being meritocratic. It is well deserved. The FT’s OUTstanding lists of LGBT executives and allies includes 106 financial and related professional services executives out of a total of 220 from all industries. If you have the talent and are prepared to work hard, there is the opportunity to rise to any level in our industry, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender status.

It is incumbent on all of us to ensure those opportunities can continue be realised. As employers, it is vital that we are clear and committed about our approach to diversity and inclusion. It means our employees can feel safe and welcome, can be free to get on with their everyday work and can be open about who they are.