Economics and Finance: An introduction

Economics and Finance: in so many ways, they are natural companions. Of course both can be highly quantitative. But a more interesting relationship is the way they intersect in so many areas, such as investment, tax policy and corporate finance, to name but a few.

In areas like these, finance and economics are interdependent: macroeconomic conditions influence financial institutions and financial performance, but the investment and financing decisions of individuals, firms, and governments, in the aggregate, affect the broader economy.

TheCityUK champions UK-based financial and related professional services. This blog will explore the links between the industry we represent and broader economic considerations. In other words, it will draw out the relationship between the “real economy” and the “financial economy”. Along the way, it will build on our published research, serving as a platform to explore some of the data and themes that we uncover in the course of our work but that are beyond the scope of our reports.

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