Financing Britain's future: TheCityUK manifesto

Press release
06 June 2024

TheCityUK calls for new era of certainty and collaboration to finance Britain’s future

  • Manifesto highlights five key areas to enable financial and related professional services make even greater economic contribution.
  • Calls for policy certainty, stability and predictability and stronger collaboration with industry to be prioritised.
  • Detailed first 100-day priorities to deliver impact and drive cross-economy growth.

One month out from the General Election, TheCityUK is calling for a new era of collaboration between the next government and financial and related professional services to ensure the industry can make an even greater contribution to enabling growth.

In its manifesto, the industry body also sets out what should be delivered during the first 100 days of office to secure the foundations for financing Britain’s future and driving growth over the next five years. Underpinning that is a call for policy certainty, stability and predictability.

Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK said, “Financial and related professional services are the pulse of the UK economy. The industry is a major national employer, supports people at every stage of their life, and is an enabler of cross-economy growth. We want to see a new era of policy certainty and collaboration between government and industry to ensure it can make an even greater contribution to driving investment, innovation, and growth across the country.”

TheCityUK’s key recommendations for the next government include:

  • Partnering with industry to create the conditions to drive more investment into UK companies, delivering economic growth, job creation and investment opportunities for people right across the country.
  • Boosting growth through enhanced trade, investment and regulatory stability by ensuring a stable, proportionate and predictable regulatory environment to attract more investment and capital.
  • Delivering a coherent, stable, and predictable tax regime with a clear roadmap for tax policy for the next parliament, providing businesses and investors the certainty they need to invest across the UK.
  • Empower regions through devolution, ensuring that metro mayors can strategically manage critical policy areas – from skills to the development of economic clusters and delivery of major infrastructure projects – and grow their regional economies. 
  • Lead the net-zero transition by setting out long-term policy with a clear narrative and delivery roadmap, positioning Britain as a global leader in clean and renewable energy.

The full manifesto, with detailed 100-day and five-year priorities, is available on our website: ‘Financing Britain’s Future: TheCityUK’s manifesto for the next government’.

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