Opportunities far and wide for UK-based financial and related professional services

Our latest economic research report is the 2016 edition of Key Facts About the UK as an International Financial Centre.

This annual publication highlights the extent to which London outranks its competitors as a truly global, internationally-focused financial and related professional services hub. With the leading market share in many segments of financial and related professional services, the UK continues to host hundreds of industry institutions from around the world, register the world’s largest industry trade surplus, and offer specialised training services and professional qualifications.


Our 2016 report, written as the UK prepares to leave the EU, includes for the first time a section profiling a few of the key countries beyond Europe which potentially offer the possibility of deeper trade and investment opportunities in financial and related professional services. The countries we profiled range from the US—the world’s largest economy by a still-very-significant margin and, like the UK, a major exporter of financial and related professional services—to India, which is currently the world’s fastest-growing major emerging market but a country with a very highly regulated and still relatively basic financial services industry. But the opportunity to develop the UK’s financial and related professional services offering stems not just from trade and investment prospects. Our 2016 International Key Facts report also features a new section on FinTech—we note that the UK is one of the world’s leading centres for FinTech, marrying traditional financial services with innovative technology.