The best Brexit deal possible must include a smooth transition

Responding to the Chancellor’s speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, Miles Celic, Chief Executive, TheCityUK, said:

It’s good to hear the Chancellor reaffirm his commitment to securing the right deal from Brexit, including the best possible access for the services sector. We are working closely with Government to outline our priorities, but in the short term, what the industry wants to see agreed and secured as early as possible is a transitional period to help ensure financial stability, and minimise disruption to businesses’ ability to provide products and services to customers.

The Chancellor underlined the need for the UK to remain an attractive place to invest, innovate and grow - an ambition keenly shared by our industry to ensure the UK retains its place as the leading global financial centre. The best outcome would be one which is mutually beneficial to the UK and the EU, and causes minimum disruption possible to the industry and the customers it serves.

Our industry is already one of the most productive in the UK and we look forward to supporting businesses and investment in the wider economy across the country. In that regard, we endorse the Chancellor’s commitment to powering the Midlands Engine – a region which is already one of the UK’s leading financial centres employing over 200,000 people and driving regional economic growth.