TheCityUK Annual Member Survey Results 2015

TheCityUK conducts an independent member survey to measure progress against some core KPIs. This, in turn, informs our strategy and operational plans. It is the key mechanism through which our members hold us to account.

Members’ evaluation of TheCityUK is very positive and continues to strengthen. Measures of familiarity and favourability remain consistent, at over 90%, while perceptions of effectiveness are significantly higher (up 20 points to over 92%). Over 90% of all ‘top of mind’ comments are positive with Members projecting a strong sense of satisfaction with the organisation’s overall direction and accomplishments. This suggests a “coming of age” and that members see TheCityUK is making a difference for the industry and their firms.

TheCityUK is thought to be most effective in the very areas that Members judge to be of the highest importance. Further to the recognition that our work is of strategic benefit to the industry, three in four respondents say their organisation gets a ‘noticeable’ benefit from membership.

Members see that we should be confident in our role as the leading voice for the industry on the strategic issues of most importance to the City.

Your can read our news story on our Annual Member Survey here or download an overview here.