TheCityUK launches manifesto for growth and competitiveness

TheCityUK launches General Election manifesto

As the country’s major political parties get ready to launch their General Election manifestos, TheCityUK has detailed its recommendations for how the future government can drive competitiveness and maintain the UK’s position as the leading international centre for financial and related professional services.

‘Enabling growth, driving competitiveness’ sets out seven priority policy areas for the UK-based industry, including Brexit, FinTech and international trade and investment. It underlines the need for government to innovate and adapt to ensure Britain remains an attractive place to do business. It illustrates how the industry drives jobs and growth across the UK and reinforces the significant direct contribution the industry makes, as well as its enabling role. It contributes £1 in every £10 to the economy, is the country’s biggest exporter, and generates a trade surplus larger than all other net exporting industries combined.

Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, said

Our industry is a national asset, employing over 2.2 million people right across the UK in high productivity jobs – around two-thirds of whom are based outside London. Securing the right Brexit deal and navigating an orderly exit from the EU will be a key priority for the new government, but it must also look beyond that to ensure long-term economic strength.

“The UK is the world’s leading global financial centre and its continued success relies on the UK remaining an attractive and competitive place to do business. With the right policy environment in place, the industry can support this agenda, helping to create more jobs and drive growth around the country.


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