TheCityUK member ratings at historic highs

Our latest annual member survey, conducted by Kantar Millward Brown, delivered a strong set of results and historically high favourability and effectiveness ratings - at 95% and 92% respectively.

Our work has been considered very effective and reflective of the industry’s interests, with 98% of members saying that we have a positive influence on relevant policy and regulatory issues; our work on Brexit have also been highly commended with 91% of members saying that we are making a useful contribution to Brexit discussions with key stakeholders; our efforts to enhance our activity across the regions and nations of the UK has been well recognised and deemed to be having significant impact; and our media presence is perceived to be stronger than ever, with 84% of members saying that we are engaging with relevant journalists to advance the debate through the media. We are regularly cited in leading outlets as ‘Britain’s most powerful financial lobby group’ and comments from members echo that, for example:

"It is the single most influential body" and "TheCityUK is the V&A of public affairs"

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We have been very focused on bringing together the industry over the past year, in particular around Brexit issues, and ensuring good cooperation with the major sector trade bodies. This has been recognised by members, with 83% noting this as good across the past year, and 76% considering our work to be distinct but complementary to other similar organisations. A strong indicator of why our retention rate remains high, at 96% for the year.

The survey also identifies areas for us to focus on over the coming year, which include deepening our relationship with members, continuing to raise our profile and focusing on Brexit and critical issues beyond Brexit. 

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The Kantar Millward Brown survey involved in-depth conversations with 128 individual members from across the membership and industry. We are very proud of these results and enormously grateful to those members who took the time to participate in the survey and to all members that contribute so much of their time to support and contribute to our ongoing work. Our continued ability to deliver on the priorities of our world-leading international financial centre and speak on its behalf is reliant on the support and partnership with our members.

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We are also very pleased to have provided our first submission to the Women in Finance Charter. We pledged to maintain at least a 40:60 female:male ratio across our senior management team (Leadership Team and Senior Management Group – a combined total of 10 individuals) and I am very pleased to say that we exceeded this target with a 50:50 female:male ratio. You can read about our pledge to the Charter here.

For further information about our work over the last year, read our annual report, ‘Advancing the industry’s agenda’.