TheCityUK Member Survey 2019

“TheCityUK is an excellent organisation. Very well focused on its objectives…its delivery is outstandingly high…its leadership is of the highest order…its Leadership Council has an extraordinarily impressive group of people around the table” TheCityUK member

Our 2019 Member Survey, conducted by Kantar, generated another strong set of results, showing continued high ratings for effectiveness, favourability and familiarity and positive top-of-mind perceptions.

9 in 10

Members are positive about the significant contribution we make to debates concerning the industry (88%), our effectiveness in building and maintaining relationships with policymakers and regulators (85%) and have a clear understanding of our role and objectives (89%). Nine in 10 would recommend our materials to a peer or colleague, 75% say we have a strong voice leading debate on key industry issues in the media, and 85% say we have a strong relationship with their organisation

85 of members

Engagement and satisfaction among our Leadership Council members has significantly increased over the past year. Four out of five are satisfied with the overall benefit their organisation receives by being a member of TheCityUK, and nine in ten are highly satisfied with key aspects of the Leadership Council meetings, including the calibre of speakers and the quality of insights provided.

We have been very focused on enhancing our activity across the UK regions and nations to promote the value and contribution of the industry nationwide and this is being recognised, with 75% of members agreeing we are effective in this aim – up 12 percentage points on last year’s survey. Our international work has also continued to grow with good recognition of our activities in key markets, such as Eurasia and China.



Our activity around Brexit has remained a priority. While members cite our Brexit work among our greatest achievements over the past 10 years – in particular our success in bringing together various perspectives from across the industry into a unified voice – effectiveness ratings of it have fallen compared with last year. Member comments in relation to this suggest that we have done as much as we could have in an environment where business generally wasn’t being heard in the debate. We continue to pursue with the UK government and key stakeholders in Brussels and across the EU the priorities of the industry from the Brexit negotiations.

TheCityUK has performed strongly on Brexit, bringing together disparate views within the sector.
TheCityUK member

The member survey also highlights areas for us to focus on over the coming year, which include ensuring that all levels of our membership and firms within it are well engaged and represented, that we further enhance our international outlook post Brexit, and better communicating the impact and outcomes of our activity.

As a signatory of the Women in Finance Charter, our Annual Report notes our latest progress update. When we signed up to the Charter, we pledged to maintain at least a 40:60 female:male ratio across our senior management team. This year we have fallen just shy of our nominal target to a 36:64 ratio, which, given the size of our management team (11 people), has been impacted by the change of just a couple of team members. We will continue to focus efforts on how we can ensure our organisation continues to embed a diverse and inclusive culture and that there are fair opportunities for both females and males to achieve and progress.

For further information about our work over the last year, read our 2018-2019 Annual Report: Sustaining our National Asset.