TheCityUK respond to Government’s cross-border civil judicial co-operation Brexit paper

Gary Campkin, Director of Policy & Strategy, TheCityUK, said,

We have argued strongly that the UK should seek to ensure continued cross-border recognition and enforcement of judgments from UK jurisdictions in the EU after Brexit. This is clearly in the interests of parties to contracts in the UK, EU and globally, as well as to the ongoing primacy of English law and dispute settlement.

Through continued participation in the Hague and Lugano conventions, and by committing to incorporating into domestic law the Rome I and II instruments on choice of law and applicable law in contractual and non-contractual matters, the UK has given a strong signal of its intention to maintain close judicial co-operation with the EU on civil matters. It should put these commitments into action as soon as possible. We also hope the EU recognises the UK’s proposals as the significant positive step they are and works with the UK to achieve the best outcome for businesses on both sides of the Channel.