TheCityUK responds to PM interview with City A.M.

Responding to the interview given by Prime Minister Theresa May to CityAM, Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, said:

The Prime Minister’s comments make clear that she is well aware of the tremendous contribution our industry makes to both the UK and European economies. She is right to emphasise the unique ecosystem of financial and related professional services which has developed in London and across the UK over many years. This is not something which can be replicated easily or quickly. It is in the interests of the UK, the EU and the wider world to agree a deal which works for everybody and, most importantly, the customers and clients we serve.

“The industry has been working closely with decision makers in the UK, in Brussels and in European capitals to help ensure a smooth and orderly Brexit. Key issues that need to be addressed include early agreement of an implementation period, mutual access to global talent and expertise, and a bespoke deal based on mutual recognition and regulatory cooperation.