TheCityUK responds to Prime Minister's Speech

Today the Prime Minister announced a £5bn programme of accelerated capital spending on hospitals, roads, rail, prisons, courts, schools and high streets, as he sets out an agenda for major investment in skills and the economy.

Commenting on the speech Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, said,

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt the whole economy a body blow, and the financial and related professional services industry is determined to play its part in getting the country back on its feet. During this crisis, our industry has been a vital channel of support for businesses in need. In this next phase of building back the economy, it will be instrumental in providing the investment needed to fuel essential growth, helping SMEs and communities build and level up across the country to enable the economy to bounce back.

“It’s clear that the UK economy is in urgent need of an infrastructure upgrade. High on the priority list must be boosting regional productivity and interconnectivity. Investment in infrastructure - both digital and physical - will be key to this, including improving transport and data links across the country and with the rest of the world.”