TheCityUK responds to the 2017 general election result

Following the election result, Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, said:

Our focus remains on the needs of our customers and other stakeholders across the UK and beyond. What’s clear is that government and business need to work more closely as we move forward to ensure stability and continued economic growth.

With the imminent Brexit negotiations, it is vital that we prioritise clarity around the UK’s approach and maintain a sharp focus on getting the best possible deal. We have been working hard to detail what this looks like, and today’s result does not change the core issues that need agreement.

We believe in a strong and outward looking UK with a close relationship with the EU and with other key partners around the world. We need a Brexit deal that maintains and strengthens the country’s position as the leading global financial centre and as one of the most attractive and competitive places in the world to do business.