TheCityUK responds to the Migration Advisory Committee’s report

TheCityUK has responded to the Migration Advisory Committee’s report ‘EEA migration in the UK: Final report.'

Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, said,

“The Migration Advisory Committee is absolutely right to call for an end to the Tier 2 visa cap for skilled workers. This policy has proven needlessly restrictive and holds back growth and innovation across the economy, particularly in areas outside London.

“The UK’s ability to attract, retain and develop global and domestic talent has long been a competitive advantage. Ensuring this continues is vital for Britain to maintain its position as a world-leading international financial centre.

“Fundamental reform of the immigration system is needed. It must become more flexible, dynamic and responsive to skills shortages, particularly around increasingly important technical and digitals skills which are already in such short supply.”

TheCityUK and EY have published a detailed report, ‘The UK’s future immigration system and access to talent’, into how the immigration system can be reformed to keep Britain globally competitive beyond Brexit.