TheCityUK responds to the UK’s vote to leave the EU

Chris Cummings, Chief Executive, TheCityUK, said:

The people of the UK have decided that the future of the UK is a new one outside of the European Union. There will be challenges ahead and it will be important for Government and business to work together to address them. Our immediate focus is on stability – in the markets, for investors, and for our industry’s customers.

Clear agreement is now needed on the way forward for the forthcoming negotiations as Government shapes a new relationship for the UK with the EU and retains the jobs and investment that the UK has seen to date. For financial and related professional services, the focus is on securing continuing access to the Single Market.

It is vital that action is taken to reinforce the global competitiveness of the UK as a place in which and from which to do business. This will help to mitigate the risk of prolonged uncertainty while a new relationship with the EU is negotiated. We look forward to working with Government on forward-looking policies to help achieve this and to advancing the attractiveness of UK-based financial and related professional services.