TheCityUK is focused on promoting the strength and opportunity of the UK’s regional and national financial centres, and ensuring London remains a world leading international financial centre.

Driving national and regional growth is integral to our vision for the future of UK and the industry beyond Brexit. London is core to the UK’s position as the leading international financial centre, but many cities and areas across the UK are important financial centres in their own right. Of the more than 2.3 million people employed in our industry, two thirds work outside of London.

The economic contribution of financial and related professional services has grown in every UK region and nation over the past decade. This has helped to sustainably raise regional and national living standards across the country.

To fully capitalise on the UK’s leading global position in financial and related professional services, there must be the right support in place. We have identified the need for local access to skills and technology, enhanced regional collaboration and specialisation, consistent political backing for the devolution agenda, and improved digital and physical infrastructure to be key policy priorities for the industry across the UK’s regions and nations.

These priorities are discussed in our reports, ‘A vision for a transformed, world-leading industry’ ,‘UK financial and related professional services: meeting the challenges and delivering opportunities’ and our annual report about the industry across the UK’s regions and nations: ‘Enabling growth across the UK’.

Regional and national engagement programme

TheCityUK City Chairs initiative lies at the heart of our regional and national engagement programme. TheCityUK City Chairs represent some of the most prominent centres of financial excellence, including Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds Manchester and Newcastle. For more information, visit TheCityUK City Chairs page.

TheCityUK Conferences

Each year we hold an Annual Conference in London and a National Conference in a city across the UK. In 2018, our National Conference will be held in Birmingham. These conferences bring together policymakers, senior industry representatives and academia from across the UK to discuss key policy issues. Each conference welcomes a series of panellist and keynote speakers and senior delegates. For more information about our conferences, please contact us.

Our Public Affairs Group (PAG) brings together our senior members with experts in government relations, public policy and public affairs to discuss the development and implementation of the drive national growth priority.

For more information about our work to 'drive national growth', please contact us.