Driving growth and competitiveness through change: Annual report and accounts 2021-22

Over the past year, we have brought together all parts of our industry to tackle some of the extraordinary challenges borne out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as the spiralling cost of living.

We have also been focused on delivering against our strategy, engaging with government and regulators to offer and deliver solutions, and collaborating with our partners to achieve strong outcomes for our members.

Achieved a
member retention rate

of our members say we are effective at being 'the voice of the industry'

of our members believe we are effective at building and maintaining relationships with policymakers and officials

We are very pleased to report continued good progress on our commitments to the Women in Finance Charter. In the submission captured within this annual report (submitted September 2021), we exceeded our target of a 40:60 female:male ratio across our senior management team at 46:54; and in our most recent submission (submitted September 2022), we have reported a 55:45 female:male ratio across the team.

We also continue to make good progress on our commitments to the Race at Work Charter, including collating ethnicity data from colleagues. Of the 39 employees included in our data capture, the majority, 61%, are from a ‘white’ background (a 6% year-on-year decrease), 20% are from a ‘Black’ or ‘Asian’ background (up 3% from last year), and 12.5% identified as ‘mixed-Asian’, ‘mixed-Black’, mixed-White’ or ‘other’, with 13% preferring not to say. This data is used as an ongoing baseline and to inform HR objectives for the coming year.

Key outcomes delivered across our strategic priorities:

Responding to the external environment

Maintaining and enhancing competitiveness

Boosting international trade and investment

Improving trust and reputation

Championing the UK regions and nations

Providing evidence on green and sustainable finance