Enabling growth across the UK 2019

Our new report 'Enabling growth across the UK 2019: UK-based financial and related professional services' underlines the strength of the industry right across the country, both as a major employer and economic contributor to local economies.

While London remains the largest financial centre, there are several key clusters of financial and related professional services activities right across the country, many of which have seen strong employment growth. After London, Manchester is the UK’s biggest legal services centre; Birmingham the largest centre for management consultancy and the biggest accounting cluster; Edinburgh is the largest centre for banking and a major international location for fund management; and Glasgow and Edinburgh are the biggest insurance centres.

This year’s report outlines 15 policy recommendations to help bolster the industry’s future success right across the country. These recommendations focus on continued collaboration between industry, regulators, and local and policymakers to ensure that the business environment continues to support industry and UK competitiveness.