Election manifesto recommendation: Leading the transition to a sustainable future

To deliver on this, the next government should focus on:

Scaling up green finance further and faster by building on the Green Finance Strategy published in March 2023 to support the ambition for the UK to become the world’s first net-zero-aligned financial centre, and collaborating across government and industry.

Delivering clear policy and market signals to green attract investment in Britain’s future and transition to net zero.

Ensuring vital investments can be delivered and realised on the ground, taking steps to see new projects get timely planning approval and be connected to the wider energy grid within a commercially viable timescale.

  • Set out a long-term policy approach for the net-zero transition, with a clear narrative to provide the right conditions to attract the scale of private investment needed to finance Britain’s shift towards a sustainable future.

  • Produce detailed policy delivery plans and roadmaps to attract and incentivise investment, providing clear signals to the market and driving action across the economy. This should include tax incentives, such as R&D credits or tax wrappers for long-term investments, to capitalise on the UK’s financial services competitive advantage in innovation and accelerate the net-zero transition.
  • Work with the private sector to build investment roadmaps to create specific, quantifiable, and actionable implementation plans for sectors across the economy and make the UK an internationally attractive destination for green investment.
  • Advocate for interoperability on sustainability disclosures and reporting standards to enable the UK to build on its strengths to deliver green and sustainable investments.

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