TheCityUK responds to the EU's White Paper on Outbound Investments

TheCityUK has responded to the European Commission’s consultation on Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Outbound Investment.  The EU consultation proposes monitoring and analysing potential risks associated with outbound investment to inform a policy response in 2025. 

TheCityUK's submission highlights the wider policy issues that must be considered in the design of any future EU policy on outbound investment screening. These include:

  • supporting the EU's intention to exempt portfolio investments, and the need for greater clarity for investors about the transactions that might be in scope of any future regime;
  • stressing the importance of clearly defined sector definitions, which will be a crucial factor in determining the due diligence investors would need to carry out on individual transactions and throughout their investment supply chains;
  • noting that the investment required for growth depends on clarity and certainty, and therefore how multinational businesses may need to navigate different controls across various jurisdictions requires careful consideration.

Last year, TheCityUK responded to the US Treasury's consultation on the proposed US outbound investment security programme and will continue to engage with policymakers in the UK, US, EU, and other markets on these issues.

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To read our full submission, click ‘Read here’.