Making the UK the leading global financial centre: An international strategy for the UK-based financial and related professional services industry

Our aim

To become the No.1 international financial centre in the next five years
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The prize

UK-based financial and professional services will:
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How do we do it?

To ensure success as an international financial centre, the UK needs to focus on future growth opportunities like data and technology, sustainability, global investments and risk management.

A close working partnership between UK government, industry and regulators is also vital to deliver on these three objectives:

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Let’s get started

These steps can see the UK regain its status as the world’s No.1 international financial centre within five years. They will create more high-skilled, high-value UK jobs, attract more foreign direct investment into businesses in all sectors across the UK, put the UK at the forefront of technology and innovation, and position the UK as a leader in financing the growth of the green economy.

Our strategy outlines short-, medium- and long-term goals, all of which must be implemented together. Achieving the prize of being No.1 will require adopting a winning mindset to outcompete other financial centres. But the UK enters this challenge from a formidable starting position:

Current key UK strengths

  • Extensive financial and technological capabilities
  • Reliable legal and regulatory systems
  • A deep talent pool
  • Flexible labour markets
  • A globally central time zone
  • An international language

Now it is up to industry, regulators and government to seize the historic opportunities presented by the UK’s current position and make it happen.