Event Type Webinar

In Conversation with Lord Jim O'Neill of Gatley


We are delighted to host this webinar with the economist and former minister Lord O’Neill of Gatley.

Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK will be in conversation with Lord O’Neill, asking him for his perspectives on the challenge presented to the industry by Covid-19, what the sector can do to lead the recovery, and the longer term issues that will dominate the domestic and international policy debate.


In particular, Miles will ask Lord O’Neill to draw on his experience as an architect of the Northern Powerhouse project for reflections on the Government’s plans to rebalance the economy with its 'levelling-up' agenda.


Known for coining the acronym ‘BRICS’, Lord O’Neill’s commentary on the outlook for global trade and the long term trends we are seeing in the international economy will also be hugely valuable.

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