Institutional Digital Assets and Crypto Regulation Symposium

Following the success of City Week 2022, and in particular the sessions devoted to crypto issues, City & Financial Global are organising a high-level gathering to discuss the future of crypto finance.

This two-day summit will address the growing intersection between the tradfi and crypto sectors and the impact of the coming wave of regulation.

Despite the significant drop in crypto's market capitalisation and some well-publicised coin failures, traditional financial institutions - banks, asset managers, insurers and others - are continuing to develop their digital asset and crypto strategies, since there is a widespread recognition that crypto, digital assets and blockchain are here to stay and offer a significant range of potential applications.

A unique aspect of the symposium is that, in addition to the c-suite representatives from the tradfi and crypto sectors that will be attending, City & Financial Global are also inviting each of the leading regulators to send a team of representatives to attend and participate in the panel discussions on the critical issues being addressed. This will facilitate a more meaningful discussion and enhance mutual understanding.

The symposium comprises four elements: plenary keynotes, panels on sub-topics of the two principal themes (regulation and institutional adoption of crypto finance), pre-organised one-to-one and group meetings, and social events for more informal networking.

To view the agenda and to register, please visit City & Financial Global's website.


Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LH