Managing Director, International Trade and Investment

Job title: Managing Director, International Trade and Investment
Reporting to (job title): CEO

Context for the role:

  • The Managing Director, International Trade and Investment plays a key part in the overall formulation and delivery of TheCityUK’s strategy and objectives, with specific lead responsibility for our policy and engagement on international trade and investment policy with other key markets around the world. The jobholder leads, develops and manages a team that is innovative, energised, well-connected and which delivers tangible benefits for its members and stakeholders as part of the wider organisation.
  • The Managing Director will be a member of the organisation’s Executive Committee (ExCo) and will deputise for the CEO as required.  The jobholder will be an effective spokesperson for the organisation in the media, through Parliamentary & other evidence sessions, on public platforms and through chairing a wide range of organisational activities.

Objective of role:

The role of the Managing Director, International Trade and Investment is to work with the CEO and Board to set the objectives for TheCityUK’s policy programme at home and around the world (with a lead on markets outside the EU) and to ensure its successful delivery. It will also involve close collaboration with other domestic policy & public affairs functions led by the CEO.

As agreed with the CEO, the Managing Director also leads on cross-organisational and bespoke projects, and deputises for the CEO when required.  In addition, the jobholder provides insight and input into other areas of work to help ensure consistency and cohesion of approach in policy, regulation, PR and other initiatives in the UK and internationally.

The job holder leads the International Trade and Investment team which manages and delivers the work programme.  Outstanding leadership and management experience is vital to the success of this role as the job holder must motivate and develop a team of people to deliver consistently outstanding work which is strategically robust, makes a meaningful difference to members commercial interests, and is often delivered in the political spotlight.

The jobholder manages the secretariat for the International Trade and Investment Group (ITIG) board committee which provides governance for the work and, through the team, related committees/groups.

The job holder will build effective relationships with the Board, Committee chairs, committee members and key government, industry and diplomatic contacts at home, across the EU and internationally.

Direct Reports:

- Head, Latin America & Strategic Projects
- Head, Africa, the Middle East & Legal Services
- Head, Asia Pacific
- Head, Eurasia
- Head, North America & International Regulation

Key Activities & Responsibilities

International Trade and Investment Strategy Formulation

  • Work with the CEO, ITIG and other chairs and Board to define and deliver the agenda and work plan to meet defined member needs.
  • The role holder will address the issues of international competitive advantage to support TheCityUK’s objective of making the UK the best place to set up and grow a financial and related professional services business.
  • Develop policy positions that show the importance of the industry nationwide, across the EU and internationally is an essential aspect of the role.
  • Liaise closely with key HM Government Departments (in particular HMT, FCO, DIT, BEIS, MoJ, Cabinet Office), Parliament and other policy-makers to influence and inform policy development and delivery.
  • Build effective profile within international markets and lead on relationships with Embassies and High Commissions in London. Ensure the team maintains and nurtures relevant networks.
  • Support and guide the HM Treasury Financial Services Trade & Investment Board (FSTIB) with the CEO and ensure TheCityUK’s private sector partner/delivery role is recognised and maximised.
  • Lead the industry’s trade and investment policy input to bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral forums, including UK and EU negotiations, EFDs, Trade in Services Agreement, the WTO and the B/G20. This includes both market access and regulatory coherence dimensions.
  • Develop and deliver major programmes in key markets, maintaining a balance between developed, emerging and niche markets as reflected in the strategy. This will encompass both mainstream and specialist member interests.
  • Enhance TheCityUK’s reputation due to the depth of the evidence base it assembles to meet policy needs – using the best economic, legal, and market research resources.
  • TheCityUK uses a wide variety of communication techniques to deliver its messages from 1-2-1 interactions, through printed media to social media techniques. The Managing Director will contribute to this process, recognising the various stakeholders in the UK, EU and internationally and their need for evidence, clear policy, and compelling messages
  • Ensure consistency and coherence with other TheCityUK workstreams, both influencing and reflecting them.

ITIG & other committee/groups support

  • Ensure the effectiveness of ITIG, & other committees/groups. Responsibilities, with the team, include:
    • developing objectives for the committees to be agreed/ validated by chair and members
    • developing agenda (with input from chair and members)
    • preparing papers
    • regularly reviewing committee's achievement of objectives and membership
    • draft strategy/ position papers, inquiry/consultation evidence, presentations, briefings and other collateral on international, EU and UK issues to support the CEO chairs, TheCityUK Advisory Council and Board of Directors
    • oversee the effective running of Market, Sectoral, Advisory and other working groups
    • work with HM Government and foreign missions in the UK to identify relevant inward/outward visits programmes and other activities as necessary to support the development and growth of Market and Sectoral Advisory Groups.

International Visits Programme

  • Build ever closer working links with policymakers and senior business leaders internationally, in consultation with the CEO, as a pivotal part of TheCityUK strategy given the increasing importance and focus on the importance of international market access.  Provide information, briefings and contributing towards policy development we wish to help policymakers create the right business environment across the regions and nations of the UK as it relates to this portfolio of issues.

Relationship Management

  • Manage relationships with senior external stakeholders and contacts to deliver the most effective results for TheCityUK’s goals.
  • Speak at, participate in and attend relevant events/conferences/roundtables to raise the profile of TheCityUK’s business agenda.
  • Build profile of TheCityUK, and job holder, in international, EU and UK business and policy-maker circles and more generally, including through agreed PR activities.

Performance Measurement

  • Develop performance measures for this agenda to feed into the wider TheCityUK’s strategic performance measurement approach.
  • Assess performance against agreed objectives.
  • Contribute to meeting of TheCityUK’s commercial targets, meeting agreed business goals as set.

Team Leadership

  • The role requires an experienced motivator and leader of people, who can get the best out of those who work for and with them.
  • The Managing Director is a member of TheCityUK Leadership Team so must exhibit excellent collegiate working practices, seeking to develop strong relations with other members of the senior team to deliver cross-company programmes and projects.
  • The role holder will lead and develop the team by forming and developing a management team within the team structure, and by leading the work of the whole team. Leading by example, the individual will exhibit outstanding communication skills, depth of policy insight, and a clear desire to develop those who work for them.

Key Relationships & Interfaces


  • TheCityUK’s CEO.
  • TheCityUK’s ExCo
  • ITIG, (including subcommittee / project groups).
  • Advisory Council members.
  • Board of Directors members.


  • Members at senior level and business contacts internationally.
  • Key industry bodies and individuals.
  • International contacts, including diplomatic representatives, international organisations, policy-makers and others.
  • Other stakeholders, including the media, commentators and think-tanks.
  • Regulatory authorities in the UK and internationally.
  • Think tanks, policy bodies and other relevant organisations.

Person Specification

  • Significant experience of working in and running an internationally-minded policy team of a major financial services group or related professional services organisation, or of an internationally-focussed business organisation.
  • A demonstrable commercial outlook, be a practitioner, and have an understanding of working in policy environments where nuance is essential and a clear political grasp is vital. Must have an understanding the links between policy-making and business opportunity, and have an understanding of working in diverse cultural environments.
  • Sound knowledge of key policy issues and challenges related to the UK’s competitiveness for UK based international financial and professional services institutions.
  • Deep experience of influencing policy-making and running business-related campaigns, including as a spokesperson.
  • Strong analytical thinking and risk assessment.
  • Sound experience in strategy development and analysis in financial and related professional services industry.
  • Experience in managing relationships with senior financial and related professional services industry stakeholders.
  • An understanding of membership and/or trade organisations.
  • Knowledge of key industry bodies and organisations involved in the policy and public affairs arena internationally, experience in working with China, India, the US, Japan as well as the UK and Europe would be of special importance.
  • Experience of working with government bodies and committees in the UK, around the EU, and internationally.
  • Excellent team leadership/line management skills.
  • Proven team player and high degree of personal integrity.
  • Degree in relevant discipline.

About TheCityUK                                                                         

TheCityUK is the industry-led body representing UK-based financial and related professional services. In our 10th anniversary year, we continue to champion and support the success of the ecosystem, and thereby our members, promoting policies in the UK, across Europe and internationally that drive competitiveness, support job creation and ensure long-term economic growth. The industry contributes over 10% of the UK’s total economic output and employs more than 2.3 million people, with two thirds of these jobs outside London. It is the largest tax payer, the biggest exporting industry, generates a trade surplus almost equivalent to all other net exporting industries combined. It also makes a real difference to people in their daily lives, helping them save for the future, buy a home, invest in a business and protect and manage risk. @TheCityUK.

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