Annual Report 2014/15

TheCityUK has had a satisfactory progress in the last 12 months. Our policy influence has expanded and we have continued to deliver on our Board-agreed strategy which sees us address the challenges and opportunities facing the UK-based financial and related professional services industry.

TheCityUK’s strategy is centred on three core objectives: to promote the national value of our industry here in the UK;
to advance the UK’s role as the EU’s financial centre; and to sustain the UK’s competitive position in the world. Our focus has remained on the effective execution of the programmes underlying each of these objectives and our work continues to be underpinned by a robust, evidence-based research programme. We have continued to meet our targets for each objective.

The past year has been one of political change and TheCityUK has stepped up its work to ensure the industry has been well supported in managing the ensuing challenges. From the Scottish referendum through to the General Election, we have been leading the debate on the issues that matter to our members, bringing them together with senior policymakers to help shape better policy decisions for the industry and its customers. Ensuring the UK remains an attractive destination within which, and from which, to do business is essential to its long-term success and that of our industry. Competitiveness is key and the pursuit of this lies at the heart of all that we do.