Infrastructure 2014 Trends, Demands and Challenges

This report brings together for the first time the key statistics and facts to show how infrastructure investment adds economic value, how the private sector has played a crucial role in the development of UK infrastructure, the scope and opportunities presented by the National Infrastructure Plan and, finally, assessments of global demand and funding.

More private investment is needed over the coming years if necessary upgrades to UK infrastructure are to become a reality. This is on top of the £375bn the UK Government plans to invest as part of its National Infrastructure Plan. However, the report shows that Britain’s status as a hugely attractive destination for international investors means it is well-placed to benefit from the global increase in cross-border infrastructure investment.

The report from TheCityUK also reaffirms the UK as a world leader in using Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to deliver services. Latest government statistics show that 732 projects reached financial close by the end of 2012. TheCityUK estimates that in 2013, the value of PPP deals in the UK increased by 15-20% on the previous year.

Over 100 countries are currently looking at how to introduce PPPs and 40 countries now has some form of PPP unit to oversee the process. The UK has led in the development of PPPs/PFIs and has now pioneered a new model PF2 in response to the new economic climate and challenges. The long running experience and expertise of the UK in managing private finance projects offers a way to help plug the global infrastructure investment gap in the coming years.